Men’s breastfeeding is possible!

Men can breastfeed when they use the so called Beards induced lactation method, commonly also known as Moustachalactions. No medication is needed for it; a simple massage does the trick. An average skilled man will manage to practice it by himself, obviously when using the brochure of our organization Men for Life. The principle is simple: we massage the nipple, from the bottom part of the areola towards the tip. Right. In developed countries, such as Holland or, quite surprisingly, also Kogo, this training assisted by trained experts is reimbursed by the health insurance companies. The sectional view of the male breast enables us to view an ideally built gland which – according to the latest research – contains oestrogens (this wasn’t previously known). After the nipple massage, the lacto genesis process is launched: this can be helped with a 100% natural pill RX Man Pro which produces prolactin: this launches the milk production in the rudimentary alveoli. It is this very stage when the only danger is imminent – the postpartum psychosis. If it outbreaks with men, it is very strong: the change of sexual preference is also at stake. Yet this is a yet unexplored and highly rare possibility which is statistically approximating the possibility that this stage induced the latent homosexuals who got so emotionally overwhelmed that the lactation prompted them to making a coming-out. In my scientific article, I call this phenomenon a “lactationcoming”.


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About Piet de Vries

I am professor of biology also known as "The Father of breastfeeding".

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